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Belted Kingfisher

Red Shouldered Hawk

Green Tree Frog

Heavy Rain

Fakahatchee Gator

Northern Cardinal

Northern Yellow Bat

Great Crested Flycatcher

Southern Leopard Frog

Tricolored Bat

Swamp Symphony is our humble homage to biodiversity. Biologists at The CREW Land and Water Trust in the Corkscrew Regional Watershed recorded swamp sounds at night over a period of several months to study this fast changing landscape. A special feature of our Swamp Symphony are bat calls. Most of us can not hear bat calls but new technologies have permitted CREW biologists to place ultrasonic microphones in flight corridors or near water to record the calls. They used the software, Sonobat, to analyze the sounds. By using these sounds originally recorded by biologists for research, we bridging science and art. Enjoy sounds and get inspired to create your own swamp symphony.