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We are excited to collaborate with teachers, students, and art curators around the world to build “swamp literacy” around the vital role these wetlands play in our lives. Critical to our notion of swamp literacy is environmental justice and an understanding of how gender, race, and class inequities are exacerbated by unsustainable development and climate change.

By sharing in a collective discovery about the vital role of swamps with school communities around the world, we will inspire a new generation of artists, scientists, writers, engineers, and advocates to play their role as environmental stewards.


6 to 8th Grade Science Curriculum

The Teacher Guide includes a brief description of Swampscapes, the curriculum standards addressed in the classroom lessons, and some extension ideas.
The Swampscapes Lesson provides teachers with an easy-to-follow slideshow to present the Swampscapes Lesson.
Student Response Sheet is a document where students can answer the questions found in the SwampScapes Lesson.

High-School & University Discussion Guide

This Discussion Guide provides a framework for teaching about our endangered wetlands in an engaging and conversational style.


How to use VR explains a few ways you can view the VR documentaries. You can view it from your computer, a mobile phone, or if you have access to high end headsets like the Oculus.
Swamp Literacy: this one-pager explains why swamps are essential to our well being.

Science curriculum designed by Bertha Vazquez.
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